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1855 Harpers New Monthly Magazine vol. x

Dickens, Charles; Ewbank, Thomas; Thackeray, W. M; Abbot, J. S. C; James, G. P. R; Loomis, Elias; Green, Geo. W; Prime, S. I; Headley, J. T.

HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE: VOLUME X December 1854 TO May 1855 Harper & Brothers, 1855. Embossed Cloth. Good. wonderfully illustrated, corners worn. Pages Clean Binding is Tight.

Includes: Adam Bennett's Heirs; Alligators; Ancient and Modern Artillery; Andrew Jackson; Baby Bloom; Captain Obstinate; Coincidences: A Physician's Story; Comicalities, Orignal and Selected; Darien Exploring Expedition by J. Tl Headley; Dead Sea, Sodom and Gomorrah; Dog Described and Illustrated; Emily Duncan; Episode of the War; Fashions; Fate of the First Aeronaut; First Cigar; Glances at our Moral and Social Statistics; High Life and Low Life; Highwayman's Bridal; How we Stand an dHow we Walk; Important to Husbands; Inconstant Daguerreotype; Italian Life and Morals; Lady Blessington and Count D'Orsay; Lady's Revenge; Lawyer's Story by Charles Dickens; Lion and His Kind; Locust in the East; Loss and Gain: A Tale of Lynn; Lost Son of Ichabod Armstrong; Live and Charcoal by G. P. R. James; Mary Ranking: A Physicians Story; My Confession; My Son, Sir; Napoleon Bonaparte by J. S. C. Abbott; New York Police: As They Were; Personal Memoirs of th eBourbons in Spain; Personal Memoirs of th eHous of Orleans; Personal Memoirs of the Hous of Romanoff; Paradise of Bachelors and Tartarus of Maids; Passages of Foreign Travel by S. I Prime; Rattlesnake and Its Congeners; Redemmed Profligate by Charles Dickens; Russian Reminiscence; Saint Valentines Day; San Juan De Nicaragua; Second Baby; Sick Body Sick Brain; Simple Story of Today; Singer's Dream; Som Account of a Consulate; Sketches in Brazil by Thomas Ewbank; The Newcomes by W. M Thackeray; Tragedy in Married Life; The Lamplighter: A Model Story; Vampyres; Village School; Virginia Illustrated; Visits to the Dead in the Catacombs of Rome by Geo W Green; What do Young Men Marry? Widow's Story by Charles Dickens; Winter Scenes; Young America: In Town and Country; Zone of Planets Between Mars and Jupiter.
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