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Early American Journal Articles Documenting the History of Photography

Here is an exclusive book not available in books stores, entitled " Early American Journal Articles Documenting the History of Photography". This book is a collection of rare articles from the discovery of photography in 1839 through 1897. The book contains 211 pages.

Containing very interesting and historically important articles. Perfect for anyone interested in photography. Great Reference aid for teachers and students.

This compilation of early American articles provides a valuable insight into the discovery, development and history of photography as recorded in American magazines, journals and periodicals of the time.

From the excitement generated with the announcement of the discovery of photography in 1839, to the events, people and places surrounding its fascinating progress, these rare early articles provide a valuable resource in accurately recording and documenting the events as they occurred or recently thereafter. The excitement and amazement of the original authors can be felt when reading the first published articles announcing the discovery and process.

Considerable research has been expelled in the later articles documenting the history of photography. They provide detailed historical references and facts leading to he discovery and the progress made thereafter. The reader will be able to compare articles and styles and relive historical events from differing perspectives as they were reported. Even the photography historian will gain new perspectives on the interactions of people and events surrounding the controversy of who really is the founding father of photography.
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